Safety Advice

Safety Tips for Appliances

• Clean your dryer’s lint screen after every use. Clothes dryers are a leading cause of fires in homes, occurring due to lint buildup, which blocks the airflow of the
  dryer system. This blockage causes your dryer to put out excessive heat, which may ignite the lint (which is very flammable), causing a fire.

• If your refrigerator continually feels hot to the touch, it may need repair or replacement of parts.

• Never store rags, mops, paper, or other combustibles near any gas appliance.

• Any appliance that works sporadically, or has lights that flicker or black out, should be inspected immediately.

• Do not overload electrical outlets. If you find yourself continually using wall adapters, power strips, and extension cords to hook up appliances, consider having
  more outlets (all GFCI-certified) installed in the room.

• Use outlet protectors if you have small children in the home.

• Do not utilize electrical appliances with frayed cords.

• Never throw water on an electrical fire. Water conducts electricity and makes an electrical fire worse. Equip your home with a chemical fire extinguisher and use
  it during any type of fire.

• Use light bulbs with the correct wattage requirements for each fixture. If you use a bulb with a higher wattage than recommended, the fixture may overheat
  and catch fire.

• Never stick your hand, a tool, or a utensil down the garbage disposal when it is in operation.

• Check your outlets and light switches periodically. If they feel warm, they may be defective, or nearby wiring may be faulty.
  Contact a qualified electrician for inspection and possible replacement.

• Keep your stove top and oven clean and free of grease and other flammable debris.

• Do not place flammable items such as hot pads or towels near burners.

• Always turn pot handles inward to avoid the possibility of knocking a pot off the stove.

• Have your dryer serviced periodically by a qualified appliance maintenance professional.

• Periodically inspect your refrigerator’s electrical cords and connections for wear and damage.

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